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CEO Message To Investor

Investment decisions are taken in line with rigid discipline rules at each stage of commercial activity: We have set a high internal rate of return, giving preference to the projects where content is high, capital intensity is low and multivariate scoping is possible. We are pursuing the policy of minimizing capital expenditures by using a centralized hub system that facilitates processing of ore from different sources with high content, giving special attention to optimization of the portfolio of assets with a short lifespan and high expenses.

Strategy 2019-2022

The central objective under the company's strategic development plan is a rise in the number of operating deposits and in production volumes in the medium-term outlook. Priority is also given to optimization of the production process in the same time period, including a reduction in expenses over the course of mining and exploration amid strengthening quality indicators and productivity of the main staff. BrightRock Gold is already using international systems, on a regular basis and in full, in the areas of accounting, labor remuneration, periodic assessments and motivation of workers, as well as the system of integrated enterprise resource management, particularly ERP SAP.

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