Why Work For Us?

BrightRock Gold is a stable and consistently developing company with initiative, energetic, talented and qualified workers. Competition-based staff incentive policy, comprehensive system of social benefits and potential career advancement within the corporation make us an appealing employer in the African gold mining sector.



Employees of BrightRock Gold develop relations based on mutual respect, interest and confidence. We devote time and effort to training our staff of all categories and levels. Relations between employees and the company are regulated by the employment agreement. 



The company's workforce policy is aimed at attracting the best experts and creating the most favorable environment to ensure they work efficiently and can rich their self-actualization and development targets. Opportunities are provided for self-education, mastering of skills and career progression. 



Besides knowledge and expertise, we appreciate the individual qualities our workers have, as we believe personal attributes can strongly affect the delivered results. We take steps to help newcomers adapt quickly and successfully, understand our corporate culture, traditions, internal code and work standards.

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