With options for up to 80 small scale concessions with a land mass approaching 2,000 acres on one of Ghana’s most prolific rivers, the Pra, BrightRock Gold is set up for years of fruitful alluvial mining.
Seldom are alluvial opportunities concentrated in such a mass of land. Located in Ghana’s central region, the Brofoyedra is mid-way between Ghana’s largest cities of Kumasi and the capital of Accra. Management is prepared for an aggressive and prolonged effort to harvest the alluvial reserves at the Pra.
Regionally, the deposit hosts minor amounts of cherty and manganiferous exhalative sediments. Graphitic schists coincide with the main shear (thrust) zones. Parallel to partially parallel cleavage and bedding follow the regional trend of the 50° striking, steep to near vertical, south-east and north-west dipping Akropong structures.


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