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Senior management of Brightrock Gold is planning a meeting in Africa in the near future with a view to achieving better operational control over the company's growing operations. Brightrock Gold is about to announce appointment of additional senior executives and introduce a phased growth plan to bring new mining facilities on stream.


Brightrock Gold Coproration was founded on March 1, 1995 as Ghana Gold in order to undertake prospecting and exploration activities at gold deposits and then develop the deposits. The company is headquartered in Garden City, New York. 


That year marked a number of critical milestones in the company’s history. First, the name was changed to Brightrock Gold Corporation. Alluvial and hard rock sites were developed at Ashanti Gold Belt. West African Projects Consult LTD was acquired. The sites within Jukwa and Grumesa played a big part in making Brightrock Gold one of the top hard rock miners in 2013. 


By the end of the decade in operation, the company had accomplished a number of goals. Specifically, it markedly improved safety records, installed renewables-based generating capacities in the areas remote from the electric grid, worked out and launched the policy as regards human rights and climate change in line with the best global practices.


The corporation agreed and set about implementing its hybrid plan in relation to prospecting, exploration and production. It immediately launched placer mining while carrying out testing and assessment of hard rock, a more intensive activity in terms of labor input. According to estimates, there is 2 billion oz of unextracted gold in Ghana, which is providing strong motivation for an increase in production

About Us

Brightrock Gold was set up in Port St. Lucie, Florida in 1995 with the aim of acquiring, consolidating and developing the portfolio of quality gold mining projects located in South West Africa and having considerable growth potential. The company has set the target of becoming the leader in the gold mining segment in South West Africa in terms of profits, giving special attention to compliance with labor safety and environment standards as well as to social responsibility as regards employees and local population. Brightrock Gold is a gold miner with established reputation and world-class capacities, including prospecting, exploration and production projects. The company employs staff of recognized experts in the field of management and production, and has impressive resources classified according to the JORC Code.

The three main production centers based near the rivers of Ofin and Pra and in Ashanti Gold Belt are the main focus of the company’s work. At the moment Brightrock Gold owns five operating mines and three prospecting projects. Management of Brightrock Gold has put a lot of effort in developing local and national relations with cultural and government leaders, which is instrumental in gaining strategic positions in the internationally known Ashanti Gold Belt. Given its existing assets, Brightrock Gold is advantageously positioned in the gold mining sector now and is aiming to achieve stronger presence in future. 


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Management of BrightRock Gold is the driving force behind the company's success. They successfully find solutions to the most complicated issues and take well-grounded managerial decisions on a day-to-day basis, making sure the business develops in a sustainable way.


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