Brightrock Gold Corporation

BrightRock Gold is a reputable gold producer operating prospecting, exploration and mining capacities in South West Africa. 

Our Strategy

Financial of BrightRock Gold strategy is aimed at unlocking the potential of our assets to maximize profitability.

The company focuses on the following areas of activity: Developing the potential of the existing deposits, Commissioning the capacities that are at the design stage, Managing and reducing risks related to development projects as well as converting the additional mineral resource base to reserves, Arranging prospecting and exploration works with the purpose of discovering new deposits. 

Financial policy

Efficiently managing its budget and keeping detailed accounting records, the company avoids unreasonable expenditures and raises the balance. 


Rational managerial decisions, staff incentive scheme and human resource management are the fundamental factors to ensure the company’s future success.

Statutory regulations

BrightRock Gold operates within the US laws and regulations. Concession agreements have been concluded with a number of Ghanaian ministries, including Ghana’s Investment Promotion Center (GIPC).


We are stepping up extraction in the most efficient way by acquiring additional resources and equipment to expand the existing production.


Brightrock Gold specializes in gold prospecting and exploration as well as extraction at the existing deposits. Ghana is a mining friendly country with tough legislation concerning land ownership rights. Ghana is the second largest gold producing country in Africa, with an estimated 2 billion oz yet to be extracted. Mining concessions in the country are among the most in-demand concessions in the world. 


Mining gold, we are making our contribution to technological development and boosting the wealth of the US and Ghana. We are striving to operate in an efficient and tactical manner, complying with workplace safety and environment regulations and supporting development of the mining region. As a result of putting in this effort, we can obtain a comprehensive time-proven measure of value.

The company's regional policy

The companies producing precious metals impact on development of the areas where they operate. As a major taxpayer and employer in the regions where it is present, Brightrock Gold is committed to helping improve living standards for local people and develop local communities. The benefit comes from implementation of the company’s own infrastructure projects as well as from various social and charitable events it holds. The charity and sponsorship policy Brightrock Gold has adopted is the factor ensuring that a consistent approach to all these issues is used in every region where the company is active.

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Geographical Presence

To expand production, the company is undertaking prospecting activities under new projects in the countries that neighbor Ghana.


Ashanti Belt

The Ashanti Gold Belt is responsible for most of Ghana's 120 million oz of production as one of the most prolific gold production areas in the world...

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With options for up to 80 small scale concessions with a land mass approaching 2,000 acres on one of Ghana’s most prolific rivers, the Pra, BrightRock Gold is set up for years of fruitful alluvial mining...

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The Ashanti Gold Belt is responsible for most of Ghana's 120 million oz of production as one of the most prolific gold production areas in the world...

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This concession boasts premier low laying alluvial features as well as potential hard rock opportunities within Palaeoproterozoic rock formations...

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Grumesa is the territory of alluvial deposits located right at the bank of the Ofin river. It is a world-call asset that BrightRock Gold acquired in 2013...

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Our Staff

Over the years in the segment, we have built a team of like-minded people who are actively engaged in development and introduction of innovations into the production process.  Our objective is to rank first among the miners that use technologically advanced methods of production management.  Being employed by Brightrock Gold guarantees stability and potential for career advancement. Our team will be happy to welcome leaders who effect changes, experts who support application of advanced technologies and are ready to follow the company's principles, gain experience, use their skills and abilities, implement ideas and suggestions.


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